In foreground Hippocampe, to far right transfer version of beach wheelchair, centre back Roll on/off chair.

In the photograph you can get an idea of the size of the equipment we use to help people acces the beaches at Blyth and Tynemouth.
We have now secured planning permission for a two year siting of a metal container at Blyth South Beach, fund raising for this is now underway, please see our Events page. We have a verbal agreement to extend the permission beyond the two years.
At Whitley Bay, we expect it to be May or June before we get access to our 'POD' which will be located at the bottom of Watt's Slope very close to Spanish City but we will be cleaning out our temporary space next to the Rendezvous Cafe soon.
We have limited storage at TheView, Tynemouth Longsands but hope to get more storage as part of two local businesses who are in the process of expanding their premises. 
Here is the website where you can find out who your Northumberland County Councillor is:

Here is the website for North Tyneside:

Thanks to everyone who signed our e-petion to Northumberland County Council, and for everyone who continues to promote our charity to local councils and organisations.