In foreground Hippocampe, to far right transfer version of beach wheelchair, centre back Roll on/off chair.

In the photograph you can get an idea of the size of the equipment we use to help people acces the beaches at Blyth and TYnemouth. We need space to store these at the respective beaches, ideally without having to deconstruct them. Currently that's what happens. The equiment is brought from a trustee's garage to the beach and time is taken to put them together. Some of the equipment is quite heavy as it has to be robust. This is limiting the times we can book out the wheelchairs. And we have people who want to voluteer but who can't at the moment. Please take some time to contact your local councillor either at North Tyneside or Northumberland County Council and tell them how much you need these wheelchairs and why they should help us get storage on site.‚Äč
Here is the website where you can find out who your Northumberland County Councillor is:

Here is the website for North Tyneside:

Here is the address to Northumberland County Council's e-petition webpage, where we have an ongoing e-petition for a site at Blyth South Beach to store our two Nomad wheelchairs