News from Newton!

Will, white man with short dark hair wearing denim jeans, padded jacket & scarf. He is sitting in a manual wheelchair with an additional from wheel attachment, on a wide pathway in some countryside.

Have you been to Newton by the Sea recently? If you have you may have noticed some accessibility improvements! While we want everyone to enjoy time on the beach, we also want people to enjoy the beautiful areas surrounding our North East beaches. We work with local councils and other groups to increase access options. Will, one of the people who kindly donate their time to us (despite not even living in the North East!) gives us this update:

‘With funding from the Northumberland Coast Area of Natural Beauty Team (, several accessibility improvements have been made at Low Newton By-The-Sea. The two kissing gates on either side of the hill are fantastic and now mean that wheelchair users and families with pushchairs can more easily explore to the east. Also, the widened and more level footpath on the way to the bird hide means for a much easier route round the back of the dunes. This gives visitors even better access to the already accessible bird hides and amazing views at Low Newton. Thanks very much to Iain and the AONB and the team!’

Thanks also go to Will, pictured on the widened pathway, for continuing to support us behind the scenes, we couldn’t do anything without our volunteers.