Could you be a volunteer?

five different beach wheelchairs lined up on the promenade

Everything that happens here at BANE happens because of a volunteer. We are currently looking for additional volunteers for Whitley Bay and a pool of new volunteers for Roker (coming soon!).

You don’t need to commit to a number of hours, or regular days, you can be part of a group who get involved when they can spare the time.

At Whitley Bay we have volunteers who open up our storage facilities and loan out equipment for ad hoc users. You get get to spend time at a beautiful beach, chat to our visitors and passers by and generally raise awareness of what we do. You can open up for as much time as you have available.

Other volunteers get involved in pre booked appointments. When we get a call asking to book equipment we contact our WhatsApp pool of volunteers to see if anyone is available to open up and get the chair out & return to take it back in. Sometimes the same person does both, sometimes they stay open while there is a loan, sometimes it’s a different person who puts the chair away. We operate as flexibly as we need to.

When we open at Roker it is likely that the same system will be in place as we have at Whitley Bay.

Volunteers are responsible for loaning the equipment, getting it in and out for the customer & keeping things clean & tidy.

If you think you could be a volunteer or would like any further information or a chat about it, please email