A dark blue banner with writing on it saying 2023 Finalist Uniquely North East Award. There is a circle on the banner which has a white background and shows a coloured map of the north east region with the words North East Charity Awards on it

We are absolutely honoured to be selected as a finalist in the ‘Uniquely North East’ category of the North East Charity Awards. This category recognises ‘home grown’ charities that are focussed on local communities and local heritage or are an example on a national stage.

We support our local communities and also those visiting our beautiful coastline, aiming for the North East Coast to be recognised as one of the most accessible as well as beautiful. In support of this we support other local business and services to enable them to offer more accessible experiences. This includes all sorts of experiences from the surf schools offering adaptive surfing to taking part in the North East skinny dip.

We couldn’t do any of it without the surf schools and other businesses that also support us and definitely not without our fabulous volunteers! They are the people that this nomination is for.

We are one of 4 finalists in this category and they are all amazing, which makes being a finalist all the more of a privilege. Huge congratulations to everyone who has been recognised and good luck! The winner will be announced on 19th July but we are taking being a finalist as our win, because getting to this point is absolutely amazing for us!